On 21st June 2023, companies, products, and individuals, who have demonstrated excellence and involvement in the growth of the Multi-Channel Home Shopping industry in the previous year, were honoured at the 7th EMMA Awards Gala, which took place during the 2023 ERA Global Conference in MALTA


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2023 EMMA awards - celebrating the achievements of the best in the MULTI-CHANNEL HOME SHOPPING community

29th June 2023 – On 21st June 2023, companies, products, and individuals, who have demonstrated excellence and involvement in the growth of the Multi-Channel Home Shopping industry in the previous year, were honoured at the 7th EMMA Awards Gala, which took place during the 2023 ERA Global Conference in MALTA.

The 2023 EMMA Awards are the seventh annual season of this awards program.

“With the EMMA Awards we celebrate and honour outstanding achievements in this industry. I am very happy to see how these awards have evolved since we have introduced for the first time at our summer conference in Barcelona 2016.Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO ERA GLOBAL, during this year’s Gala.

The 2023 EMMA Award winners are

Winner Best Short Form 2023

The EMMA in the category Best Short Form recognizes outstanding production, sales story, and product sales through a short-form clip. This year’s award was offered to Epongenio - Best of TV. Elegantly shot, this compelling and engaging short-form spot uses aspirational lifestyle videography and contemporary creative direction combined with relatable, persuasive scenarios reinforced by captivating demos to great effect. Epongenio is the original product and the most sold in the world.

Winner Best Long Form 2023

The EMMA in the category Best Long Form recognizes outstanding production, sales story, presentation, and product sales through a long-form clip. This year, Mediashop received the award for Hammersmith Multi Tool.

The Hammersmith Multi Tool long form has:

-clear, comprehensive and compelling explanation of product features and qualities.

-convincing explanation of special USPs

-great sales performance

-very competent and convincing presenters & presentations

-very strong appeal of animations, pictures, sound and motion flow

Winner Best Social Media Campaign 2023

The EMMA in the category Best Social Media Campaign recognizes outstanding use of social media platforms with tailored communication per platform, successful brand building, a successful sales story, and excellent customer interaction and involvement.  The EMMA  this year was awarded to BreadSmart by Tupperware. The BreadSmart social media campaign stands out as a prime example of a highly effective and engaging marketing initiative. This campaign successfully addressed the timely issues of food wastage, rising food costs, and the price of bread while generating impressive engagement and results. By leveraging user-generated content, influencers, and product demos, they crafted a compelling and relevant message that resonated with our target audience: females over 40 in the UK.

Winner Best Presenter 2023

The EMMA in the new category Best Presenter recognises an outstanding show presenter in the Multi-Channel Home Shopping industry with high personal credibility and charisma and an outstanding show performance in both sales and entertainment factor. This year the award goes to Joe Fowler as the lead host in award winning infomercials Floating Mop & Star shower produced by TeleBrands. Fowler is an American Television Host with over 20 year of experience reaching a variety of audiences, and capturing their attention to deliver a clear, concise message. He has been the host of many successful shows, such as Star Shower, amongst others. As the host of the award-winning Fantastic Floating Mop long form show, Fowler helped sell over a million units worldwide, and counting!

Winner Best Innovation 2023

The EMMA in the category Best Innovation honours innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of outstanding products for the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry. The EMMA  this year again goes to Invictus One by Genius GmbH.

The INVICTUS ONE 3.0e impresses with 120 watts of power and a feather-light and handy weight of 600 grams. This is not only an optimization of the suction power by 30% compared to the previous device, but absolute top class among cordless handheld vacuum cleaners overall. INVICTUS has made numerous improvements to its new model of the INVICTUS ONE cordless vacuum cleaner, for which it has been closely based on the experience of customers. In contrast to its predecessor, the INVICTUS ONE 3.0e has an easily replaceable battery. In addition, a replaceable battery together with the energy-efficient and low-maintenance BLDC vacuum cleaner motor increases the longevity of the device. The built-in spot light of the INVICTUS ONE 3.0e also ensures that no dirt is overlooked!

Winner Best Supplier 2023

The EMMA in the category Best Supplier is awarded for excellence in product quality and supply, including competitive pricing, fair delivery and payment terms, as well as on-time, efficient and responsive service and support, going to an all-round excellent supplier who works in partnership with the client. The EMMA in this category was awarded to Thomas Gros & Gernot Katzgraber from Mediashop. Some of the key features are great products, great USPs, competitive pricing, fair delivery and payment terms, stock availability, superefficient team, reliable, helpful, with great sales support and working as partner.

Winner Best Distributor 2023

The EMMA in the category Best Distributor is awarded to a  reliable and responsive multi-channel distributor who is able to maximize the product life cycle and sell large volumes for their market and who also makes creative use of media and works as a partner. This year’s EMMA for Best Distributor was awarded to Mani & Daniela & Ulrike from Mediashop.

Some of the key features are

- active Sales on all distribution channels

- professional product life cycle management

- biggest volumes in the market with biggest purchase quantities

- excellent team, extremely reliable, flexible and responsive

-working as professional partner


Winner Business Personality of the year 2023

The EMMA for the Business Personality of the Year is awarded to an outstanding industry leader who possesses unique qualities, sets an example for others and is highly recognized by her/his industry peers. 

IMPORTANT. The winner of this category is selected by ERA GLOBAL Board members only.

This year the EMMA was awarded to Mani Morshedzadeh. “The board of Directors selected Mani for his outstanding leadership during the past year”. Few of his leadership qualities are

- extremely professional and passionate industry leader

- much appreciated as partner by all international suppliers and distributors

- many years of experience & expertise in our industry

- very tough in negotiations but super-efficient and absolutely reliable

- never loses the focus an professional business & targets

- absolute team player with a strategic direction for the company and the employees


At the beginning of the ceremony a Special Award was given to Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, who is leaving ERA Global after having been 10 years the CEO of the association. He started serving in committees in 2005, became board member in 2007 and was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors from 2012-13.

For further details about ERA GLOBAL, please visit www.era-global.org.


About EMMA Awards

Each year, the EMMAs provide an exciting awards ceremony that honours networks, suppliers, and individuals for their ingenuity and creativity and rewards outstanding achievements in the Home Shopping industry in the previous year. The EMMAs are the highlight of the annual ERA GLOBAL Conference, previously known as The Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference.


ERA GLOBAL* is the only existing non-profit association representing the interests of the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry and direct-to-consumer business. Our members come from Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia, and Australia, and are active all over the globe. ERA GLOBAL is the voice and network for businesses that offer innovative products to consumers through audio-visual presentation, the internet, and other electronic media, according to a recognized code of ethics. ERA GLOBAL advocates and supports the interests of our Global members and their customers.

*the registered association name is the Electronic Retailing Association Europe / ERA Europe Asbl, BE 0867.005.301,RPM Brussels


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